Sell Online Property in India: Comprehensive Guide & Tips for NRIs

How can you sell online property in India while sitting overseas being a NRI?

Sell Online Property in India

Sell online Property in India : Selling property in India may seem to be a very easy way. But it is very difficult and complicated being a NRI without being physically present in India. And even for persons residing in India No need to worry as we are here at your service to make your life stress and tension free. We can make it simple and easy for you as you can take help of real estate agents and brokers which are there for you at your service round the clock.

Real estate agents are best to hire as they are specialists in their fields. And are authorized by government to take on full charge of proceedings of any real estate service. Whether it be buying or selling of any immovable property and they can make your transactions hassle free and simplified in very efficient and effective way within general code of conduct and within legal framework full of rules and regulations. 

Why does the need to sell property arise in case of NRI?

One reason can be one is permanently shifting to another country and property is no longer needed in India. Another reason can be that one needs money after selling property for various other purposes. One thing is of huge consideration that NRI can only sell their residential property which is inherited or ancestral in nature but they cannot sell ancestral property if it is agricultural land, farmhouse or plantation property. 

Now, let’s go through the following guidelines to make it easy for you to understand how to quickly and securely sell your property online in India.

  1.  In order to sell property in India being a NRI you may require following documents to conduct sales and earn revenues from sale proceeds. The documents required are : 

a) Passport.

b) NRO account.

c) Address proof.

d) Sales deed.

e) POI (person of Indian origin) card or OCI (overseas citizen of India) card.

f) NOC (no objection certificate).

g) Certificate of encumbrance.

h) Form no 60 or PAN card to avail tax exemptions and benefit of sales.

 i) Property tax returns (if any income is incurring on property in the form of rent etc.

  1. You can hire real estate agents. And can send your personal documents and all the paperwork. Online to them on their portals or to personal agents to manage all your transactions in a very legal and legitimate manner. They can conduct all the procedures very safely and securely as they are trustworthy and they may charge for their services in the form of fees, commission or brokerage and also some percentage of your sale proceeds from selling your immovable property.

Thus, It can be concluded that It is best advised to take expert help. Which are real estate agents or property. Lawyers to conduct your sale proceeds very safely. Securely and in a very legal and legitimate way.

Sell Property in India as an NRI: A Guide to Remote Transactions

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